Spec-tacular Success

Gloria was in dire need of new glasses, and unfortunately most eye glasses cost a few hundred dollars, and she could not afford it at the time. Gloria approached our Independent Living Specialist and asked if we could help her obtain some affordable prescription glasses. The ILS was able to provide the consumer with a voucher for a free pair of glasses.
She has since obtained her glasses and was thrilled we were able to help assist her in gaining independence in this important aspect of her life.

Captain Mike

“I would like to thank Rolling Start for helping me become successful in the business world especially since I have a disability. They helped me to start a non-profit where I take people with disabilities out fishing and provide a barbecue.” – Captain Mike. Captain Mike also received computer classes to improve his computer skills and obtain glasses free of charge. “The staff at Rolling Start believe in me and have helped to promote me and my business. Also, Rolling Start has shown me how to go back to school with help from the Department of Rehabilitation, obtain housing, and reduce my gas and electricity bills. Rolling Start is a great environment for all individuals to learn and work on becoming independent.”

Rolling Forward

With a grant from the City of Hesperia, we were able to supply Karen with a brand new Rollator. She called back a week later to thank us again and was ecstatic and surprised by how much her life had improved due to her new assistive technology.

“Helping Karen maintain her independence was like getting a $1 raise!”

-Cathy, our Assistive Technology Specialist