Steven Hernandez Independent Living Skills

Steven Hernandez

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Steven is a college student and teachers aid for his local elementary school while working with Rolling Start. Steven has an associate’s degree and is earning his Bachelor’s degree in psychology. He believes it is important to give back and give assistance to those in need. He has always had an interest in working with children and how to help them during their most important developmental stages.

This is Steven’s first career working with people with disabilities. He is very pleased with the multitude of ways we can assist the consumers. It can be as simple as helping someone with typing classes to finding the consumer a home so they can have that independence they yearn for. As a child, he was in an IEP program and was in special need classes.

He was not completely aware of how his disability would affect him. It is only now as an adult that he understands how his learning disability affects him and the methods he needs to use in order to study and retain information while in school. Steven wants to use the knowledge he has gained to teach youth how to be comfortable coping with a disability and to not let it hinder or discourage them.

Steven has a great interest in gaining a youth group so he can better assist consumers with getting prepared for the next step in their young adult lives.