Kimberly Augmon

Independent Living Specialist - San Bernardino  |   Back

Hello, my name is Kimberly Augmon.

I have been working for Rolling Start since 2015, and have been in non-profit since 2013. My background education is in psychology and human services. It is such a pleasure to be on board with Rolling Start. Since I have been with the organization, I have gained an abundance amount of resourceful information. My position is an Independent Living Specialist. I provide services for people with a disability. I assist with housing referrals, transportation referrals, assistance with paperwork, assistance with In-home supportive Service-Care providers, and Independent Living Skills. My goal is to assist in any way by helping people live a healthy and Independent life. I also go to multiple outreaches to network and collaborate, but also to educate the consumers with new resources. It a blessing to educate and assist those in need. I enjoy assisting people and have a passion for it. I believe that I was placed on this earth to help others in need.

The biggest enjoyment is when the person that I help, has a smile on their face, but I was able to assist them.