Mike Johnson



I would like to thank Rolling Start for helping me become successful in the business world especially since I have a disability. They helped me to start a business where I take people with disabilities out fishing and provide a barbecue.They have shown me how to use a computer because I have never used a computer in my life before coming to Rolling Start. Rolling Start is a great program to help people who are computer illiterate. They have also helped me get my glasses free of charge and the Executive Director personally donated fishing poles and tackle boxes to my organization for kids with disabilities. The staff at Rolling Start believe in me and have helped to promote me and my business is doing really well. Also, Rolling Start has shown me how to go back to school with help from the Department of Rehabilitation, obtain housing, and reduce my gas and electricity bills. Rolling Start is a great environment for all individuals to learn and work on becoming independent.


Mr. Lassek

Rolling Start, Inc. was able to provide Mr. Lassek with a free power-chair lift through our Reuse program. Mr. Lassek is a U.S. veteran who has had lower back pain for the past 34 years which has made it difficult to stand from any sitting position. By using the power-chair lift, Mr. Lassek can easily rise to a standing position without placing any stress on his lower back.


Mr. Beltran 

The consumer’s mother came to Rolling Start looking for assistance in obtaining a car seat for her 11-year-old son who suffers cerebral palsy and pica, which made it hard for the mother to find a car seat suitable to his disability. After reaching out to multiple agencies and being unsuccessful to find anyone willing to cover the cost or lower the $1500+ price she felt hopeless and uneasy of her current situation which consisted of zip tieing her son into a car seat not intended for someone of his size. Thankfully while at a Ability Tool Expo, Rolling Starts independent living specialist was able to advocate for the consumer and collaborated with an amazing company Inspired by Drive who provided the consumer with a car seat of her choice at an exceptionally affordable price.


Jeremy’s AT Success Story  

Rolling Start, Inc. (RSI) was first contacted by Jeremy’s father, Ruben, who inquired about a device to help his son communicate.  Jeremy recently had surgery to remove a brain tumor, which made talking difficult as he was required to have an endotracheal tube during the recovery process.  Fortunately, the speech-language pathologists at Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC) told Ruben about the new Voice Options program through RSI that provides iPads with speech apps to individuals with complex communication needs.   RSI’s AT coordinator first provided a demonstration of the 5 speech apps available through the Voice Options program.  Afterwards, Jeremy was able to borrow an iPad with all 5 speech apps for a period of 30 days.  After a few days of using the iPad at the hospital, Ruben and Jeremy decided that GoTalk Now was the best app for Jeremy’s communication needs.  With further assistance from the AT coordinator, Ruben was able to program the GoTalk Now app to include specific pictures and buttons that would “talk” for Jeremy once they are pressed.  After the short-term loan period, Jeremy and Ruben submitted an application to receive their own permanent iPad (with GoTalk Now installed) that was accepted shortly after submission.  Within two weeks, RSI received Jeremy’s permanent iPad and assisted with the initial setup and transferring of information.  Ruben has informed the AT coordinator that the iPad has made a significant difference in Jeremy’s everyday life and well-being.  Now, Jeremy can communicate his needs and desires with his nurses, physical therapists, and, more importantly, with his father.  


Mr. Smith

 “Mr. Smith “was originally just an I&R for Rolling Start over the telephone. He was in need of assistance with housing but was not able to come into our office because he has no transportation. He exhausted all of his money living in motels. He was able to find temporary housing for a few weeks thanks to the resources provided by Rolling Start, Inc. A few months later we heard from him again. This time he stayed as long as allowed in temporary housing and was in need of housing assistance once more. After speaking with “Mr. Smith” more in-depth about possible solutions, we came to the realization that since he has no ties to the community maybe opening his area geographically of housing would be beneficial. Having lived in Los Angeles before we looked into programs that might be able to help in that area. He is now very happy in a program that is long-term and is able to feel secure in his housing situation for at least the next 18 months. Not only does the program allow for him to save money while staying there, he was able to reconnect with family that lives close to where he now lives and is able to visit them regularly. He has called to thank us numerous times and we look forward to sharing more of his success in the future.


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